Keeping Paste Off the Ceiling

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageIn the top photo, you are looking at the back of a strip of wallpaper that has been pasted and booked (folded pasted-side-to-pasted-side). I have unbooked a few inches to show the 2″ wide strip of waxed paper along the top. The top inch or so of wallpaper will be cut off a the ceiling line, and this strip of waxed paper will keep paste off the ceiling.

In the second photo, at the wall, I have placed the new strip on the left against the strip on the right, aligning the pattern. I have trimmed the excess from the top of the strip, but have not yet removed it. You can see the waxed paper sticking out to the right of the strip of wallpaper, both on the wall and on the ceiling. See how it’s keeping paste from getting on the ceiling?

It’s also keeping my paper from sticking to the wall! In the third photo, I am removing the piece of wallpaper I trimmed off at the ceiling line, and am also removing the remaining bit of waxed paper behind the wallpaper on the wall. There is enough paste left on the wallpaper to hold it against the wall, once I smooth it into place.

No need to wipe paste off the ceiling, no worries about paste residue staining the ceiling or causing the paint to crackle, no worries about getting water or paste residue on the face of the wallpaper.

This waxed paper technique can be used in other applications when hanging wallpaper – but those are tricks for another post!

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