Centering the Pattern on a Non-Symetrical Wall

Digital ImageSome wallpaper patterns with a dominant feature look best when centered on the main wall.  Some of my NGPP (National Guild of Professional Paperhangers) buddies insist that a pattern must be centered on the wall. That works well if there is going to be a bed or buffet also centered on the wall. But what do you do if you’re hanging paper in a bathroom, and the main wall is the toilet wall, and the plumber failed to get the toilet set smack-center?  (It’s not necessarily his fault; sometimes the placement of the floor joists dictate where they plumbing for the toilet can go.)

In this case, I chose to center the pattern on the toilet, even though it meant that the pattern would fall unevenly in each corner. As you can see from the strong vertical line shooting from ceiling to dead-center of the toilet, this was the best option!

Or, maybe you’d rather see the pattern centered on the wall, so the “Y’s” are equal on both the right and left sides – What do you think?

This fun geometric pattern is by Antonia Vella for York Wallcoverings, and was hung in a contemporary new home in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston.

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