My London Flat – A Wallpaper Lady Client Does Well for Herself!

I wallpapered several rooms for this lady, a few years ago. They have a nice-but-typical ranch-style home in the Memorial area. The young family had just moved back from living several years in England. The wife/mother, Suzy Smith, had a real knack for making that “ordinary” ranch home look grander, warm, homey, classy, but also kissed by a little something British.

In her spare time, she made fabulous decorative gift baskets.

Well, a current client told me that Suzy had given her my name, and then mentioned the name of this company. It turns out that Suzy has branched out from baskets to full-fledged decorating ideas and furnishings. Take a look at this link, and at her store, My London Flat. In River Oaks, no less!

She has done well for herself in the last few years, and I am really happy for her. Not everyone who wants to be a decorator or run a business makes it, and I’m sure that Suzy’s cheery personality, her flair for decorating, and her insider’s knowledge of all things British have helped her succeed.

I’ll have to make a trip over there, some day soon!

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