Wallpaper in Country Living Magazine

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageI always love seeing national magazines giving exposure to wallpaper. This article was about how you can take a classic blue-and-white color scheme and enhance it. So here’s my take:

Photo #1 – Can’t say I like this one at all. I think the wallpaper pattern is way too busy for all that is going on in a modern kitchen. I’d rather they chose a pattern that blended into the background, or used this pattern on an accent wall, such as in the dining area, not the cooking area.

Photo #2 – Again, I think the pattern is a little busy for a room with smallish artwork, and the other assorted items in the room. The two-color scheme on the paper keeps it from being as busy as in Photo #1, but a more quiet tone-on-tone would be better. Or, use this pattern on a wall that has very little else in front of it – say, one contemporary sofa, and one large, dark piece of artwork. And – what’s with that green sofa?! Totally out of place, if you ask me, even with other green accents in the room.

Photo #3 – OK, finally we’ve got a hit. The blue & white stripe behind the bed is light enough to set off the headboard, and dark enough to contrast against the nightstand, and not too busy, so there is no competition with the other patterns in the room. I like the pink accents, too.


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