Trading a 9′ Mis-Match for a 1’er

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image
When wallpapering a room, the last corner always ends in a pattern mis-match. So usually I minimize it by hiding it behind door, or the like. But in this dining room in a new home in Bellaire, all four corners were fully visible. If I had ended the pattern in the same corner I started in (first photo – one wall is done, the white wall is primed and waiting for paper), the result would have been a mis-match that ran from floor to ceiling – a full 9′!

Putting the mis-match over a door or window usually is too noticeable. But that’s what I did today, and it turned out to be barely noticeable. In the second photo, the two walls will be papered moving from left to right, to meet with the start point over the window. You can see where the paper coming from the right has stopped over the window. This is where I will place my mis-match.

Because the pattern is fairly busy, and because the colors are muted, and because it’s high up over a window, and because the lighting in the room is fairly dim, all those factors worked out to a good spot to place the mis-match.

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