Empire Star in a Powder Room

Digital Image

Digital ImageOh, how I love the classic patterns! This Empire Star has been around for ever, and will never go out of style. Many wallpaper companies print it, but this one is by Osborne & Little, a British outfit, and is printed on what we call a pulp stock, meaning, dry brittle paper with no coating. That means it will stain easily, but this particular one has held up in a powder room in a home with young children for several years.

I hung this paper a few years ago, in a home in Tanglewood, and was called back to replace two walls, after a water leak upstairs damaged the Sheetrock. Luckily, the family had bought a little extra, so there was enough – just enough – do fix the room.

(They also wanted the ceiling done, and it would have only taken two 36″ long strips, but, try as I might, I could not make it work without splicing pieces together, which would have been noticeable. They’re going to paint a complimentary color, instead.)

The interior designer on the job was Shirley Webb. I love her rooms, and she is just lovely to work with.

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