Sometimes It’s Not the Paper – It’s the Overall Effect

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Digital Image

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I have to admit, when I first saw this paper rolled up in the package, I wasn’t excited about it. But as I began hanging the paper, I began to like it more and more. I realized that, in some rooms, it’s not the PATTERN that is important, but the way the wallpaper pattern and color fit into the OVERALL EFFECT of the room.

This wallpaper design is by Candice Olson for York Wallcoverings, and was purchased at Sherwin Williams on University in the Rice Village. It’s on a non-woven substrate, and should hold up very well over the years, and then, when time to redecorate, it is made to strip off the wall easily. I hung it in a large powder room in Bellaire. It replaced a very plain dark charcoal paper, and, boy, did it brighten it up!

The whole room was redone, including new tile floor, new vanity and natural stone countertop (the water spots will disappear as it dries, by the way, and they will have countertop sealed to prevent future spotting, and the caulk at the outer edges of the backsplash will dry clear), shiny chrome faucet and towel bars, and a cool modern style chrome light fixture.

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