To Bag, or Not to Bag…

Digital Image

Digital Image
I like to play a game with myself, to see how many days I can go without having to use a trash bag.

You see, often it’s possible to strip old wallpaper off the wall in large pieces. Then the little pieces can be rolled up inside the larger ones, into one neat package. Or, as you see in the photo, in order to match the pattern, a certain amount of paper is cut off the roll and discarded. If these are big enough, I can roll up the rest of the day’s scraps inside, into one bundle.

There is usually a plastic wrapper from a roll of wallpaper floating around, that can be used to tie the whole thing up. Or, as in this case (top photo), the non-woven wallpaper was actually strong enough to cut into strips and tie and knot around the bundle.

OK, so saving one plastic garbage bag isn’t all that great a victory, no. But the challange sure adds a little fun to the day.

And, if the paper bundle happens to be all paper (no vinyl, no non-woven, no razor blades, etc.,) it can all go into the recycling bin. 🙂

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