“To the Hunt” Wallpaper

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Digital Image

Digital Image

Here’s a classic sort of pattern – hounds and horses and men in stockings on the hunt.

I hung this in an upstairs bathroom in a 1965 ranch-style house in the Meyerland area. The bathroom had been totally redone, with new travertine tile on the walls and floor, a brown granite countertop, dark brown cabinets, and a 24″ long x 10″ wide trough-style sink with dual chrome pump-style faucets.

The overall look was fantastic – snug, classic, and a taste of British refinement; a perfect complement to the den across the hall, which had mounted hunting trophies and other outdoorsy and sporting décor.

The wallpaper is by Cary Lind for York Wallcoverings, and was bought on-line from For the Love of Wallpaper, which sells a lot of vintage patterns, dating back from 5-30 years.

Note that the manufacturer took the care to print this dark paper on a dark substrate, reducing the chance of seeing white edges, if the paper should shrink at little at the seams (which is pretty common.)


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