Love to Do Laundry?

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Love to do laundry? You would, if you had this pretty room to spend wash day in. I was lucky, too, because the washer and dryer had not yet been installed, so it was easy to get paper on all the walls, without having to work around heavy appliances.

This cherry trellis wallpaper pattern is #839T7649 by Thibaut Designs, and I hung it in a laundry room in River Oaks, Houston. The interior designer is Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs, a designer I particularly enjoy working with, and who creates some truly lovely-but-livable rooms.

This is a whole-house remodel, and she is coordinating much of the decisions re paint colors, wallpaper (I’m doing three rooms in this house), cabinet styles, drawer pulls, light fixtures, all that sort of thing, and even lining up some of the contractors working there. Really takes the pressure off the homeowners, to have a designer who knows what’s needed and how to get things found, purchased, and installed, and all on time.

This pattern is a good choice for a room like this, which will have a lot of other things going on. The design is not busy, because a.) there are only two colors, and not much contrast between them, b.) the motifs are relatively tight, and c.) the pattern covers the whole field, without empty space between motifs, so it feels uniform.

For those reasons, this will be an easy room to wash and iron in, and, in addition, the classic trellis pattern will not go out of style. The type of paper is also good in a room that will have humidity.

See? See?? Why hiring an interior designer helps direct you toward the right decisions in both style and durability, and saves money at the same time!

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One Response to “Love to Do Laundry?”

  1. pamelaob Says:

    Thank you Julie for the beautiful laundry room. You are right that even washday will be a pleasure in that cheerful space!

    Thank you for the lovely comments as well. You are a delight to work with and I know my client’s wallpaper will be picture perfect with your expert touch.

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