Why I’m Holding Off on the Drop

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Hmmm… It must be a trend. This is my second laundry room to wallpaper in two weeks. 🙂 Note that because wallpaper often shrinks just a tad as the paste dries, to reduce the possibility of the white wallpaper primer showing at the seams, I have striped the wall with a dark blue paint, just where the seams will fall.

In the top photo, I have placed my first strip, butting up against the far wall. I measured and plotted the layout so that none of the birds would be cut off vertically in the corners. So, by starting here, I get full birds in both the left and right corners of the room, but I end up with a dicey situation right at the corner of the countertop.

The 27″ wide paper reaches beyond the 25″ wide countertop by just a little – and that little 2″ bit is very prone to tearing, not to mention, even if hung alongside a plumb line, it’s very common for paper to go crooked if it’s disconnected from its top half. So, I have left the paper booked (folded pasted-side-to-pasted-side), and sitting until I can get the next strip in place.

I hung the second strip butted up against the first strip. Because it was a full-width piece, it fell nice and straight right to the floor. Then, as you see in the third photo, I was able to carefully unbook the remainder of the first strip, tease it gently along the 2″ narrow space, butt it up against the strip to the left, and then work it into the angled section below the countertop.

This cheery “Daydream” pattern is by Hygge & West (http://www.hyggeandwest.com/). I have hung this pattern before, but this is the first time in this dark blue colorway. It went on one accent wall in the laundry room of a young family living in the Woodland Heights neighborhood of Houston.

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