Why Have I Not Removed the Switchplate Covers?

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Some painters are proud of how well they can “cut a line,” meaning, how neatly they can paint right up to switchplate covers. Some paperhangers don’t remove them, either. I call this plain lazy. It’s a little more work to remove the covers and keep track of the screws, but it looks much better to have the paint and wallpaper go behind the plates, and it keeps the paper from curling up, too.

Yet, in this room, I have finished the priming (except for that Sheetrock patch in the corner, which I will sand and prime tomorrow), but I have not removed the outlet and switchplate covers. I have not removed the light fixtures yet, either. Why?

Well, this family has young children. Since I will not be hanging the paper until tomorrow, I wanted them to have light in the room overnight, so I left their fixtures in place. And because of the slight chance of a child touching an exposed electrical wire, I opted to keep the switchplate covers in place for now.

First thing tomorrow, I’ll remove the covers and the light sconces, and rig up temporary lighting so I can see. Then I’ll attend to the patch, then spot prime the areas that did not get a coat of primer today.


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