Just the Cutest Pattern Ever!

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Isn’t this the cutest pattern you’ve ever seen?! I was particularly tickled that it worked out that the tops of the ostriches were at the top of the wall, and their feet fell exactly at the top of the wainscoting tile.

This pattern is “Ostrich 03” and is by Bespoke wallpaper, a British company, and printed on a non-woven stock. Note, as I have said before, these stiff, thick non-woven papers are hard to work around intricate moldings, and to push tightly into corners and at ceiling lines, making neat cuts difficult.

And, as you can see in the fifth photo, depending on from what angle you are looking, the seams pretty much always show. Most people are not bothered by this.

Still, the non-woven goods have their advantages, the main one being that, when you are ready to redecorate, you can strip the paper off quite easily and with minimal damage to the wall.

Plusses for the installer (me!) is that they don’t expand when pasted, and you have the option of pasting-the-wall, which usually goes a little faster than pasting the paper’s backside. Most are pretty water-resistant, too.

I hung this in a downstairs bathroom in a nicely remodeled bungalow in the Woodland Heights.

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