Black Specks on White Wallpaper

Digital Image

Digital Image
This wallpaper, by Thibaut, had these little black specks and smudges (and other small defects not pictured) here and there, front and back, throughout 22 rolls. Most were pretty minor, but with such a plain paper, so much white background, and no busy pattern to hide the defects, I did not want to put it up, and the homeowner agreed.

So we sent it back. I suspected that all rolls from that run would have the same defect, but there was no other run available, and the homeowner really wanted her dining room finished. So we requested that the company hand-inspect each bolt before shipping out the new paper. Of course, they did miss a good number of specks, but they were pretty minor, and I was able to cut around the bad ones. The dining room was finished in time for Thanksgiving dinner the next day!

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