Why Is This Natural Stone Countertop Spotted?

Digital Image

Digital Image
This powder room in Bellaire was just redone completely, including a new vanity and natural stone countertop. Every time a drop of water got on the countertop, it soaked in and darkened the stone. Once it dried, the stain disappeared. Still, what an icky appearance, for something the homeowner paid so much money for, in hopes of having a stunningly beautiful guess bath.

The reason? The stone installer did not apply a sealer. But don’t worry – he’s coming back, and will take care of this. It’s important, too, because, while water won’t stain the countertop, at least not right away, other spilled substances just might. And something like a broken bottle of perfume could penetrate the stone and the scent could linger for months.

I see this a lot, to be honest. I see granite or other stone that never got sealed, and the same for tile grout. All of them show spots when water splashes on them. Often it’s because the tile guys are too lazy to come back after the grout is dry, to spent 45 minutes sealing the floor. And most homeowners don’t know the difference, so they don’t realize they have not gotten their full value for the money they spent.

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