Updating a 1960’s Bathroom

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This week, I am working in a home in Pasadena, built about 1965. You can see the original charming baby blue tile in the bathroom. The first photo shows the original wallpaper, possibly dating back to when the house was built (although I saw evidence of at least two different colors of paint on the wall prior to the wallpaper…the murky green that was so popular for decades, on every surface in every room, and then a neutral off-white). The wallpaper had a light texture to it, and hinted at a “modern” theme, which was in style at that time. The lighter colored area is where the mirror had hung for decades. Interestingly, the paper was a little harder to remove, in just this area.

The second photo shows the wall stripped of paper, washed, skim-floated to smooth the slightly textured wall the original installer had hung paper over, sanded, and then primed with a clear sealer, Gardz.

The next shots show the finished room. I think they did a wonderful job of working with the old blue tile, instead of trying to fight it or act like it was not there. This bathroom went from worn, dated, and depressing, to cheery and bright and fun.

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