Ladder Tray for My Tools

Digital Image
Most of my friends us belt pouches to hold their wallpaper tools. I find that cumbersome, to be fumbling around in a stiff leather pouch behind your back. Instead, I have crafted a tray that fits on the top of my ladder, that holds just about everything I need. Besides tools, it will hold a paint roller tray or a gallon bucket of water, so I can use it for hanging paper, priming walls, or stripping paper. For water resistance, it is covered with clear Contact Paper (which is peeling).

This is made from 1″x12″ lumber cut to fit the top of the ladder, and it’s framed with yardsticks, which offer just enough of a lip to keep items from sliding off.

This is my 5′ ladder, which I use the most often, and the tool tray is fairly old. I have a 6′ ladder with a new tray, and it’s sealed with Danish Oil, and is affixed to the ladder’s top with bolts and wing nuts, so it can be removed when not needed.

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