Magnolia Wallpaper in a Dining Room

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I am pretty booked up with work, but I was pleased that I had an unexpected opening (finished a job early), and was able to squeeze these people in, to get their dining room wall done in time for Christmas dinner.

This is called “Magnolia” by Cole & Son, pattern #72/3010. It is on a non-woven material (similar to what I hung yesterday), and won’t expand when it gets wet with paste, and, when it’s time to redecorate, will easily pull off the wall in one piece (supposedly). It was a paste-the-wall product (same as yesterday), which can sometimes go a little faster than when you have to paste the back of the paper.

Doing just one wall is an economical way to get the decorative punch of wallpaper, without having to paper the entire room.

It took a lot of time to plot the layout, because I wanted the branch motif centered on the wall, the drop match made planning a little more difficult, and we did not have much paper, so I had to squeeze 11 strips out of just three bolts of paper with a really long pattern repeat.

The actual hanging went pretty quickly. All ready for the family at Christmas dinner!

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