Plotting a Pineapple Pattern

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I know that to you this just looks like pretty paper in a nice home. But this arched alcove around the French doors leading to the study was actually a notable feat of engineering. It took about two hours. And it also took a full double roll – a reason that I factored in when I measured for this room.

There is a “pineapple” dead-center on top of the door, which grounds the whole space.

Next, first, the “pineapple” looking thingies are exactly centered on each wall on either side of the French doors (which were not the same width, BTW). Second, allowing for the wallpaper pattern’s drop match, they are perfectly synced with the pattern to the right. This was harder to do than it sounds, because these strips around the French doors do not run all the way up to the crown molding, so there was nothing to line them up with.

Third, when you look to the left of the French doors, the pattern between the moldings continues on with the pattern to the left of the molding, as if the fluted molding was not there. OK, that may be difficult to follow. But it makes sense to ME.

Bottom line: The wallpaper pattern is centered at the top, and then balanced top-to-bottom, and left-to-right. This involved a lot of plotting, some crafty trimming, some splicing – and even some faking. I’ll bet that you can’t spot where. 🙂

This wallpaper pattern is printed on a trendy non-woven “eco-friendly” non-woven material, and is by Thibaut Designs. The interior designer is Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs, here in Houston.

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