Phillip Jeffries Silver Grasscloth

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Digital Image

Digital Image
In these boxes are 14 single rolls of Phillip Jeffries brand silver grasscloth for a study and some bookshelves in a house in the Heights. It’s an old bungalow that has been completely gutted, then enlarged and updated. The workmanship is masterful – I will have to remember to get the name of the contractor. The interior designer is Rachael Goetz (Google her). She helped pull the whole remodel together, and it looks fantastic.

As you can see, grasscloth has no pattern, so cannot be “matched,” and thus all the seams show. This is part of the natural beauty of the hand-made product. Also, there is usually a little difference in color between strips, even those that came off the same bolt of material. This is called “paneling” or “shading,” and is not a defect, but is considered another part of the inherent natural beauty of the product. (Note: the white blob in the middle of one strip is a reflection of light off the metallic paper, not a defect.)

Because the seams are so noticeable, it’s important to “balance” the room – plot the layout and trim the strips so that their widths are somewhat equal. For instance, you don’t want to have three 36″ wide strips, and then one that is 19″. It would look better to have four strips that are 31 3/4″ wide. All this measuring and trimming takes more time (a LOT more time), but it really makes the room look better.

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