Flaw of the Day – Embossed Ridge, Wrinkles, and Banged Edges

Digital Image

Digital Image
Unrolling this wallpaper revealed some disappointments – In the first photo, you see a ridge that has been pressed into the paper. Also in that shot you can see the bane of my existence, the all-too-common-but-so-easy-to-prevent-if-they-would-just-use-a-little-bubble-wrap-before-shipping banged edges. In the second photo, most of this roll got caught somehow in the printing press, and got wrinkled.

Sometimes banged edges will flatten out when the wallpaper is dry (These are too noticeable and so the roll is unuseable), or sometimes you can plot so that that edge of the paper will be cut off, for instance, when you come to a door. But the wrinkles are inescapable, and caused an entire 9-yard bolt to be unusable.

The paper is by Thibaut Designs, usually one of my favorite brands for both pattern and workability. Luckily, I had the client order enough paper so we can still get the room finished, without having to use any of this defective stuff.

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