Little Repair Today

Digital Image

Digital Image
OK, really bad photos, because it’s a dark rainy day here in Houston. But here you see “hidden” door cut into a wall that leads to the mail drop in a 1951 home in River Oaks, Houston. The wallpaper had become stained along the left side of the door from people closing the door by pushing with their hands and touching the WALLPAPER instead of the ENAMEL-PAINTED WOOD MOLDING just below it. Note to people who like to touch walls: enamel paint (and other semi-gloss products developed for painting wooden surfaces) is able to resist dirt and fingerprints, and can be cleaned without damage to the surface. Almost all wallpapers will stain if touched like this.

I removed the paper from the door. Interestingly enough, there was a layer of paper underneath it, telling me that the door had probably been stained earlier in its life, and the wallpaper replaced. I cut, pasted, and hung two strips, being sure to line up the stripes on the new pieces with what was on the wall. Second photo

I’m guessing the door opening was cut by a home handyman, as a professional trim carpenter would probably have gotten a smaller and more level gap between the door and the wall. Still, it is less eye-catching than if it were an actual door painted white.


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