Flaw of the Day – Misprint

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Digital Image

Digital Image
After priming the room, and then getting all set up, I hung the first strip of this beautiful “Flowering Quince” wallpaper by Clarence House. Then when I went to hang the second strip, I discovered that the paper had been misprinted. This is an expensive paper going in a very nice new home, and the client should not have to live with a mismatch of this scale.

I took off the two strips and saved them, washed the wall clean, and we will wait for the manufacturer to reprint a new run – which may take a while, as this order took six weeks to arrive, and they will probably wait until they run out of this run, before printing new paper, so we can expect it to take many months. 😦 As you can see in the third photo, a glimpse of how the room will look when finished, it will be worth the wait.

When you run into defects like this, the manufacturer wants you to save all the paper and return it to the company. And they usually have rules about not hanging more than three strips, nor do they want you to cut up the rolls of paper. We are good in this respect, because I only hung the two strips, and had only cut those two strips off the rolls. So most of the paper is intact. The defect is easy to see, and easily a manufacturing problem, so, hopefully, there will be no hassle from the manufacturer in replacing this paper.

Still, it’s quite a hassle for the homeowner, who would very much like to get her new home finished and moved into. And it’s problematic for me, too, because it means a lost day of work.

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