Natural Grasscloth Going Up

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image
This dining room and entry were originally papered with grasscloth. Somewhere along the line, the grasscloth was painted over – twice. (Sorry – no pics of that. 😦 ) The homeowner wanted to bring grasscloth back into the room.

Even though grasscloth is textured, it’s best to hang it on a smooth wall, so the bumps and ridges from the underlying surface don’t show through, and so it has a smooth surface to stick completely to, not just on the tops of the texture bumps.

Try as I could, I could NOT get that old grasscloth off. The layers of paint had solidified it. So I “skim floated” joint compound (kinda like plaster) over all the walls, let dry, which took over night because the compound was so thick, to cover the deep ridges in the grasscloth. Then I sanded it smooth, vacuumed and then wiped the dust of with a damp sponge, and finally primed with Gardz, which I love for this purpose because it soaks into the porous joint compound and seals it very nicely. It makes a good surface to hang wallpaper on.

So in the photos you see the new grasscloth going up, on the left side of the corner, and the newly-smoothed wall on the right. Tomorrow I will finish the room, two remaining walls, each with a pass-through window.

So far I’m pretty happy with this grasscloth. It is not showing the shading and paneling effect as badly as many others do, and the natural color is really warming up the room.


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