Colorful World Map Mural for Girl’s Playroom

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Digital Image
1st Photo: Plain, boring walls
2nd Photo: Map has been measured, layout has been plotted, and primer has been applied.
3rd Photo: Half way there! Starting in the center helps even out discrepancies in the ceiling line (which was not level). Also, since wallpaper expands when it gets wet with paste, starting in the middle allows for expansion in width, and ensures an even amount of uncovered space will fall on either side of the mural.
4th Photo: Fini!
5th Photo: This family has roots in Kazakhstan.
6th Photo: Can’t forget out neighbors to the south.
7th Photo: And here’s cheers to the good old U.S. of A.!
8th Photo: Details… When measured dry, the mural was expected to fall 2 1/2″ from the wall on the right and also 2 1/2″ from the door frame on the left. As you can see, due to expansion, it was much more like 1/2″ on either side.

Also, there was an unprinted selvedge edge on the top and bottom of each strip that had to be trimmed off. Here you see the bottom edge after trimming. Because it could not be figured precisely where these outer areas of the map would fall, I did not prime all the way to their outer edges. Because the paint on the wall was semi-gloss, and because wallpaper will not stick to a slick surface, and because my primer was not under these areas, I used a special paste designed to adhere to slick surfaces, under just the right, left, and bottom edges.

This world map mural came pre-pasted in seven 6′ long strips, which is a little different from the typical hand-pasted, 8-panel mural. The homeowner found it on-line. I hung it in a girl’s playroom in the Spring Branch area of Houston.


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