Surprise for Me Today

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This was my third job at this young couple’s home. As usual, they were not home, so they left a key, I let myself in, got all the prep done, and I was in the middle of my second strip when the doorbell rings. It was a delivery man – OK, I receive packages for clients all the time. But the man says, “Julie Young!” I thought he had read my name off my truck and was just being friendly. But he was pushing this pretty box at me, and saying, “No, it’s for YOU.” It took me a while to grasp, but the package of cookies – still warm from the oven! – and milk were for me!

The lady of the house had planned this surprise. What a delight! Work has been stressful of late, and this just made me feel great…to be appreciated and to know she went to so much trouble to plan this.

Man, I sure love my job and I love my customers!

2 Responses to “Surprise for Me Today”

  1. Vicki Stellar Says:

    This was a gift from my precious daughter-in-law…Cristina! She absolutely loves all the work you have done in their home and is so grateful for all the hard work and attention to detail you put into your jobs! Maybe one day I will have the pleasure to meet you!

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