Coaxing Crooked to LOOK Straight

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image
Who-ah, Boy! The walls in this 1960’s era ranch style home in Highland Village were really out of plumb. The corner you are looking at was off by a full inch, from the ceiling to the floor. With wild vines and flowers, you don’t notice so much. But if stripes and walls and door frames don’t run parallel, well, it really looks bad.

So, what I did was, I cut the wallpaper along the lines of some of the wider stripes. Then I manipulated those stripes so they were spaced evenly from the corner. They were not plumb, but to the eye, they looked plumb. To do this, I had to overlap some of the paper along the edges of the stripes. This meant that, for example, some of the stripes were wider at the bottom than at the top. But, since the effect was spaced out over several inches, it was much less noticeable than if I had allowed the stripes to be crooked in the corners.

In the top photo, you see where I have cut this strip along two of the black stripes, from the top to just shy of the bottom. It’s tricky, as I am working with 1″ wide strips, each 8′ long, wet with paste, floppy, and sticky, and working from the bottom up, instead of the usual top down. In the second photo, I have begun to position them on the wall, keeping an equal distance from the corner, and allowing a little unequal distance between stripes in the middle of the wall.

In the bottom photo, you see the finished wall. Some of the stripes on the left are closer together at the top of the wall than they are at the bottom. But this doesn’t really catch your eye. And it looks a whole lot better than having stripes get cut off diagonally in the corners.

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