More Grasscloth on Bookshelves Today

Digital Image

Digital Image
This is a popular look! These shelves were 41″ wide and 35 1/2″ high. Since grasscloth comes 36″ wide, one strip would not cover the entire back of the shelves. So I would have to cut two strips 20 1/2″ wide, and put a seam down the middle.

To avoid having this distracting seam down the middle, I suggested that we run the grass horizontally, instead of vertically. This worked because the height of each cubby was less than 36″, the width of the material. The homeowner held up the paper to the shelves, found she lived the look, and so that’s I hung it – sideways. I think it looks super!

They have a lot of upright books on these shelves, and running the grass up and down, instead of side to side, also keeps the background running the same direction as the books.

This is a finely-woven grasscloth in black and gold, and is by Shcuumacher, and I hung it in a home office in Spring Branch.

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