You Can’t Work in the Dark

Digital Image
See that black hole? It leads to a bathroom with no windows – and no lights. The homeowner was told by the utility company that the power would be shut off for four hours, “sometime between now and the next six days.” So we decided to take the chance. Well, what do you know?… The lights went off 10 minutes before I arrived.

The previous installer did a good job, and the wallpaper was “strippable,” so I was able to remove all the old paper, and also could see well enough to do a few minor patches. But without power, there is no way to dry my patches. And there is no way I’m going to roll on runny Gardz primer, without being able to see well.

This is disappointing, because it leaves the homeowner’s bathroom almost unusable because she had removed all her toiletries. And it makes it hard for me to schedule … try to find another day when I can fit her in. I’m back home at the moment, hoping that I can call another client and get to that home with enough time left in the day to get some paper up.

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