Pattern Printed Crooked

Digital ImageDigital Image

Digital ImageIn the first photo, you are looking at the top of the roll of grasscloth, where the manufacturer started printing. Look at where my razor blades are pointing – you can see that the design motif gets chopped off as it moves from left to right. This is because the printing press was a little off-kilter. Since it was off at the top of the roll, it was also off along the sides of the roll, for the entire length of the roll. In addition, there were some other printing errors that resulted in pattern mis-matches.

If this were a paper with a precise design, I would not hang it. But since it’s grasscloth with a rough texture and a somewhat craggily design, and since grasscloth is known for it’s lack of uniformity in color or texture, I went ahead and put it up. None of these flaws showed very much.

In the second photo, you see a bit of the finished room, including a seam with pattern match and color variation. The third photo is a close-up to show the texture of this material.

This wallpaper is by Thibaut, and went in the powder room of a young family in West University Place.

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