Handyman’s Work Not Quite Up to Snuff

Digital Image

Digital ImageDigital ImageThe homeowner had a guy remove two medicine cabinets from two bathrooms in her house. He patched the hole with a piece of plywood (usually they use drywall, but I guess this is OK, too), and then spread joint compound over the junctions. It didn’t look like he used tape to bridge the joined areas, so there’s a possibility that a crack will develop at the joints. He also neglected to sand everything smooth.

I hate it when workers tell the homeowner that the walls are “ready for wallpaper,” and then leave them with a mess like this, while they run to the bank to cash their check. The average homeowner has no clue that all these bumps and ridges will show under the new paper, or that cracks can develop all around the new patch.

This is the second time in two weeks that I’ve had to refloat another guy’s work. Today, between the two bathrooms, I guess I spent at minimum an hour, refloating, drying, and then sanding the areas smooth. I also had to patch around the area where a light fixture had been removed, and gaping holes were left where the toggle bolts had been yanked out of the Sheetrock, and where the electrical box had been moved.

Oh, yeah – and wasn’t he supposed to remove the wallpaper, before “fixing” the Sheetrock??

The last pic is how it looked after I finished floating, sanding, and priming. There will be no bumps under MY wallpaper!

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