A Fancy-Dancy Exercise Room

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Isn’t this about the fanciest-schmanciest exercise room you’ve ever seen? What a delight to work out in this room! The wallpaper is a damask with a trellis/lattice pattern, by Carl Robinson, for Wallquest, for Seabrook, in blue and silver, with a little sparkle tossed in the mix. It is printed on a non-woven substrate, and was a paste-the-wall product (rather than paste the paper).

The first pic is after I smoothed the textured wall, and primed with a clear primer called Gardz. It’s not as pretty as when I use a white primer, but for floated walls, Gardz is the best primer. The original paper had a printing defect, so I could not hang it that same day, and they had to reorder a different run.

Two weeks later, the paper had arrived and I was able to finish the room. I plotted the layout so the “X” of the lattice design would line up with the center vertical mullion in the window.

The treadmill and the exercycle were heavy, too heavy to move, so it was a little tricky working around them. I could not get my ladder to straddle the treadmill, so had to dig a stool out of my van and set that on the treadmill, so I could reach the top of the wall.

This house is in Bunker Hill Village, and is home to an active family with teenage girls and a real, live cowboy husband!

Oh, and … the wife plans to yank all that exercise equipment out of the room and bring in a pretty desk, a crystal chandelier, and turn it into a nifty home office. Hubby doesn’t know that yet. Not many men read my wallpaper blog, so I’m sure the wife’s secret plot is safe. 🙂

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