From Pretty to Pretty With Personality

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Digital Image This reading room off the master bedroom in a very nicely remodeled old bungalow in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston was pretty, with two full walls of windows and a pretty aqua paint color. Yet look at the difference a little wallpaper made… The background color is the same, but more color has been added, along with flowers, butterflies, and movement.

The first thing the husband said when he walked in was, “The room looks larger.” Yes, contrary to what many people think, wallpaper makes a space look larger. And it also adds personality and warmth and character. This very pretty pattern is by Nina Campbell, a British designer / brand, printed on the classic pulp substrate (as opposed to the newer non-woven materials – I prefer the pulps). It was bought through My London Flat, a design firm and antiques shop located in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston. Suzie Smith, the owner, lived for several years in England, and has brought her knack for stylish-yet-down-to-Earth design to Houston. A lovely lady, and great design savvy. I highly recommend her!

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