Same Room, Same Color, But a Dash of Personality Plus!

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This under-the-stairs powder room in the Houston Heights went from grey and boring to grey and delightful and full of personality. The pattern makes the room look larger, and the white color makes it brighter. I took care to center the design on the sink’s faucet, so the wall will be nicely balanced when they hang their mirror.

The room included a vaulted ceiling under the stairs. The homeowner first said paper this area, then almost decided not to – but I had already primed that surface, so she gave the OK to go ahead. Once the pattern went onto the sloped surface, it was clear that this was the right decision… it just makes the room look cheery.

The last corner is virtually always a mis-match, so I posed a photo so you can see what that might look like. On a busy floral pattern, you might not notice it, but on a medallion like this, you see it more. Still, it’s not horribly distracting.

This wallpaper pattern is called “Palmetto,” and is by Serena and Lily, and was bought on-line. I found it very nice to work with.

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