Sometimes You Want a Pigmented Primer

Digital Image

Rolling on a primer is an essential step before hanging wallpaper. I have a white wallpaper primer that works well much of the time. But for porous surfaces, I use another primer, called Gardz, which soaks in and seals the surface nicely. This product is clear.

But sometimes I want a white base under the wallpaper. So, if need be, I can add a little bit of another primer made by the same manufacturer (Zinsser), called Bin 123. It adds a little bit of color, but still remains thin enough to allow the Gardz to soak into the surface. The 123 also gives a little more bite, enabling the Gardz to stick to a semi-gloss surface (which it normally only sticks to porous surfaces).

Here is a picture of how it looks going over a dark olive painted wall. I was pleased with how this worked, and will be using it again.

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