Poorly Hung Wallpaper

Digital Image

I was stripping off this paper, to prepare surface for repapering. The solid vinyl surface came off easily enough, leaving the paper backing, which, usually, you just soak with a wet sponge and it reactivates the paste and the paper will release from the wall.

However, the previous installer must have used an improper paste, or, I swear, possibly even rubber cement. The paper backing would NOT come off the wall, and when I scraped enough to get most of it off, there is this gummy, rubbery residue left. Not good for hanging the new paper on.

He did a number of other bad things:
-Did not remove the old wallpaper
-Did not prime the surface
-Overlapped the seams (by 1″!!)
-Left untrimmed wallpaper wrapped around the edges of the door moldings

I am able to get this wall ready for paper, but it is taking a LOT more work, and an extra day, plus more mess in the homeowner’s kitchen. After spending two hours on a 24 square foot area, I stopped stripping the backing off, and instead rolled on a coat of the sealer Gardz, which soaks in and prevents the paper backing from bubbling when it gets wet. Once it was sealed, I skim-floated over it, to create a new surface. That got sanded (dust!), then wiped free of dust, and then another coat of Gardz.

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