Finally – A Grasscloth I Can Love

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If you’ve read much on this blog, you know that I dislike hanging grasscloth. The visible seams, color variations, and paneling and shading, and un-uniformity are hard to live with, in my opinion. People say they understand these natural color variations and will accept them – but once it’s spread out on the wall, they are unhappy. I’ve taken to having clients sign a release / waiver, before I will install grasscloth.

But … today I hung a grasscloth that I thought looked mighty good. This is not the typical horizontal reed-on-paper look, but a tightly woven product. When I first unrolled it, I was alarmed by the vertical striped effect, and called the homeowner to come and look at it. She gave her approval, so I went ahead and put it on the wall. She was right – the stripes only enhance the overall effect.

There was no color variation, and the seams were invisible. In addition, the paper has the texture and warmth that many of my clients are seeking. And – it appears to be pretty resistant to stains and discoloration. A win-win-win!

I am going to keep track of this paper, and recommend it to people who ask about grasscloth.

The pattern number is SG37053, and the homeowner said it was by Astex – although I could not find it on their website.

I hung this wallpaper in the entry and on the backs of two bookshelves that flank the fireplace in the family room, for a couple in the far west end of the Memorial area.

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