Wallpaper on the Heights Home Tour

I attended the Heights Home Tour yesterday, which showcased six homes. My favorite was a new home built in a traditional style – meaning, nice decorative woodwork, granite countertops, hardwood floors, tile in bathrooms, no mid-century modern looks (which were popular in many of the other homes). And this home happened to be part of the Gallery Furniture family. And, yes, all the furniture in it came from Gallery Furniture.

Another thing I loved about this home is that it had fair amount of wallpaper in it, all very nicely hung. There was a cute pen-and-ink drawing of dogs hanging in the back entry hall. There was a beautiful silver cork with a white leaf pattern stenciled on it in the master bathroom and potty. Another bathroom had a soft grey wallpaper, the laundry room had a paper that looked textured from a distance but actually wasn’t, another room had a patterned grasscloth, and, finally, in the “man cave” in the garage apartment, there was a fine grasscloth over all the walls. I was impressed that this grasscloth did not display the color variations (shading and paneling) that is common, so it had a very nice, uniform, textured look.

Of course, hundreds of tour-goers saw those rooms and how lovely they are, and will surely be clamoring for wallpaper in their own homes. 🙂

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