Kill Point – It May Not Match, But It Sure LOOKS Like It Does!

Digital Image

Digital Image

The kill point is the last corner in a room, where the last strip of wallpaper meet up with the first strip. And here the pattern virtually never matches – it’s just the laws of geometry. I usually hide this in an inconspicuous place, like behind a door. But in this room, there was no out-of-the-way corner, so the pattern mis-match would have to be in a fairly prominent location, 10′ long, in the corner to the left of the toilet.

But, unless you study this carefully, you really don’t realize that this pattern does not match as it should. I wish I could take credit for how perfectly this last corner worked out, but, again, it is just the laws of geometry and physics that brought the half-ovals on the right to meet perfectly with the half-ovals on the left.

What I can take credit for, though, is for having kept the diamonds and other elements at the same level all the way around the room. With un-plumb walls and crooked ceilings, and etc., wallpaper patterns can start moving up or down the wall. Maintaining this horizontal line can be tricky, but it helps immensely to keep the room feeling balanced.

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