Yet Another Powder Room Goes from Drab to Glam

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Many people think that wallpaper will make a room look closed-in. It works just the opposite, though, as wallpaper helps to visually push the walls away and expand the space. Just look at how this black-on-gold swirly geometric design brings life to this powder room!

I wanted to be sure their mirror would look good once it was hung, so I took care to center the pattern on the wall where the mirror would hang.

Note: That white line around the counter top is caulk, which will keep splashed water from wicking under the paper, which could cause curling. It will be clear and invisible when it dries.

I hung this in a new home in the Galleria area of Houston.


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    Another example of how wallpaper can make a difference in the tiniest room in the house, the powder room!

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