David Hicks’s Popular Hexagon Pattern in a Powder Room

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People love this wallpaper pattern, company after company is knocking it off, and I have hung it a bunch of times. This under-the-stairs powder room was originally painted a baby blue. It was clean and airy, but ho-hum. Clothing the walls with this pattern added personality and dimension, and really brought the room to life.

This particular version is by Cole & Son, a British wallpaper company. It is printed on a non-woven substrate, and can be pasted, or you can use the paste-the-wall method.

It is thick and stiff, hard to cut, and somewhat difficult to work with, particularly in detailed areas, like around the light fixtures (which could not be removed, unfortunately), and around and under the pedestal sink. Here (and on the strips that went behind the toilet), pasting the paper was the best option, but the moisture from the paste, and the need to manipulate the paper around so many elements, put stress on the inks. The black ink likes to flake off, and some of the gold does, too. A Sharpie can come in handy! Pasting the wall worked well on strips that had no obstacles to cut around.

Add to that the bowed walls, the unplumb walls, the unlevel sink, the unlevel floor, and the rigid geometric pattern … and it was a challenge to work with. In the end, the overall look was fantastic, and the homeowners are eagerly planning their weekend, so they can finish decking out the room.

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