Lively and Fun Room for a Baby Girl

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The baby may be too young to groove on this accent wall in her nursery, but the parents LOVED it!

This popular wallpaper pattern is called “Petal Pusher” and is by Hygge & West. I have hung it several times, all in different colors. Today, I put it in a baby girl’s room in a new development in League City.

An odd thing about papers by Hygge & West, when the material gets wet by the paste, I guess it expands and stretches a little. I find that the pattern on the second strip matches the pattern on the previous strip at the top of the wall, but then begins to drop down as you go further down the wall. Getting the pattern to match required manipulating the paper so that, for example, 5″ of paper would fit into a space only 4 1/2″.

This stretching and expanding of wallpaper is typical and expected. But what I don’t get is, assuming all strips are pasted with the same paste and booked for the same length of time, if one strip stretches a little, shouldn’t the next strip stretch exactly the same? So, theoretically, the pattern on each strip should match up to the pattern on the previous strip. Yet I had a wrestling match with every strip, and more and more as I progressed along the wall. Good thing that this wall only called for five strips.

And, just like the last time I hung this paper (a month or two ago, blue on white), the inked areas absorb paste differently from the white background, and that causes the seams to curl a little – which then requires more work than usual to get the seams to lie flat – which can damage the paper.

Other than that, it’s a really cool pattern, and people love it, and it sure does give that baby girl something to look at!


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