“Growing” Paper to Fill a Gap Under a Window

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Hanging wallpaper over, around, and under windows can be tricky, because wet wallpaper stretches, crooked walls cause paper to twist, moldings can be unparallel, on and on. In this case, in order to keep the paper straight in the corner (and keep my pattern match spot-on), I had to pull the paper to the right, and that resulted in a 1/4″ gap on its left edge, which was under the window. (Photo 1)

To disguise this, I pieced in another piece of paper, matching the pattern, but “growing” the paper a bit.

In Photo 2, I have cut vertically along the right edge of a design element (a tree trunk) in the pattern, and removed the paper to its right. In Photo 3, I have taken a new strip of wallpaper and butted it against the left edge of the strip on the right. On this new strip, I also cut along the same tree trunk, but along the left edge, so that the two tree trunks would overlap.

This results in a tree trunk that is slightly wider than its supposed to be – but who the heck is going to notice? It also results in a slight ridge along the tree trunk, due to the thickness of the overlapped pieces. It’s a thin paper and will dry quite flat, and, hey, it’s under the window, so not many people are going to notice that, either. But, still, I could make it look better.

So I did what we paperhangers call a double-cut, which is our term for a splice. With a very sharp razor blade, I carefully cut down the middle of the overlapped edges, then removed the excess paper (Photo 4). Once the pieces were smoothed into place, and once they dry, this splice, as well as the extra width, will be practically undetectable.


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