A Trim Molding Solution for Bull-Nosed Edges

Digital Image

Digital Image

For the last 10 years or so, builders have been putting rounded corners on walls, instead of right-angles or decorative trim. These might look good, but they are a nightmare to hang wallpaper on. For one thing, you can’t see or feel where you are trimming, and for another, it leaves a raw edge of wallpaper that will be prone to peeling up if people brush against it.

One solution is to put molding or trim along the edge. That looks OK – or not – depending on what kind of molding you find and what the house looks like and other factors.

Where I worked today, the homeowner found this corner molding at Home Depot. It has a little decorative flourish to it, so it is more classy than the traditional plain corner mold. And it fit easily around the bull-nosed edge, and looked like it came with the house.

Best of all, the wallpaper nestled against it perfectly and trimmed neatly, with no worries that someone will brush against it and peel it up.

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One Response to “A Trim Molding Solution for Bull-Nosed Edges”

  1. thewallpaperlady Says:

    He gave me a scrap to take with me, so I can show other homeowners who may want to do the same thing.

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