Watch What You Touch!

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Digital Image

This week, I am hanging a Phillip Jeffries dark charcoal / navy blue grasscloth in a master bedroom in the Houston Heights neighborhood. As is the case with many grasscloths that have the color applied to the surface, the inks can come off onto your hands (or table or tools or clothing!!). My hands are absolutely dry all day while working, yet the inks still transfer from the paper onto my hands.

With papers dyed with unstable ink like this, any bit of water can stain it, blotch it, remove the color. So, it’s really important to keep everything dry, to not wipe seams as you might with a more typical wallpaper, to not get any paste on the surface of the paper, and to use waxed paper or other measures to keep paste off ceilings and moldings (so you won’t need to wipe it off with a damp rag, which would remove color from the paper).

This is a good time to jump in and remind people that grasscloth is generally NOT a good idea in wet rooms, like bathrooms or kitchens, because of the propensity for staining and bleeding.  And don’t even think about cleaning it – Vacuum – maybe.  Wash or wipe – no!.


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