Outsmarting Bull-Nosed Corners

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Bull-nosed corners and edges have been the standard in new homes for, well, maybe 10 years now. They sure make it hard when the wallpaper is to end at that rounded edge, because it’s hard to cut straight, mostly because you can’t see or feel what you are doing.

The couple buying this new home in West University Place (Houston) worried that the wallpaper would not look good turning around the bull-nosed edges in their windows, so they had the builder add this wooden trim inside the window return. It looks super, and it sure made my job easier, because I only had to wrap about 3/4 of an inch instead of 5 inches. I still had to do some minor piecing at the top corners, where the arched top met the vertical sides. (The bull-nosed edge of the Sheetrock is at the far right, in Photo 1.)

In Photo 2, I am using my laser level as guide for trimming around a doorway with rounded corners. This worked great on the left side of the doorway – but not on the right … because that side was way off-plumb. So I relied on my home-made trimming guide (see other posts) to get a straight cut.

Photo 3 shows the finished doorway.

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