The Same Foggy Grasscloth in a Study

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A few weeks after I did the job below, I was back to paper some more rooms. One was this study. There were swatches of dark paint on the wall, and at first I thought they were going to use a dark wallpaper. But instead, the homeowners decided to go with the same Phillip Jefferies grasscloth they used in the dining room across the hall.

This turned out to be a wonderful decision – a dark paper would have been too much, with the dark brown oak floors, brown desk, and brown leather chairs. This “fog” colored option offers just enough contrast between the walls and the other elements in the room, plus keeps the whole area bright.

In the second photo, you see a bit of paneling (difference in color between strips of paper), but it is minimal, and the overall effect is warm, cheery, and elegant, all rolled into one. In the last photo, I am not trying to show you a chair – it’s just that the lighting washed out the view of the grasscloth in the background. But you get the idea of how a little texture on the walls sets off furnishings in the room.

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