It Takes THIS To Cover A Screw Hole?!

Digital Image

Digital Image

The white on my fingers is from the joint compound I am “skim floating” onto the walls, to smooth this textured surface.  Don’t pay any attention to it.

But the white globs on the wall are from someone (the homeowner)’s? attempt to fill in two small holes from screws that once held drapery brackets.

Folks! The idea is to make the fill-in patch small, flat, and undetectable.

I don’t know what material was used, but it was thick and spongy and impossible to sand smooth. I used a putty knife to scrape off what I could, then had to float over it with a smooth coat of joint compound. It ended up nice and smooth, but still a little humped up.

Next time, folks, if there are holes in the wall, let ME do the patching.


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