Another Reason I’m Not Thrilled With Non-Woven Papers

Digital Image

Digital Image

Wallpapers printed on non-woven substrates are becoming more and more popular with manufacturers. They are aimed at the DIY crowd, I think, because they are supposed to strip off the wall easily when you want to redecorate. (Although that is only quasi-true.) And they are often installed by pasting the wall, rather than the back of the paper, which is supposed to be simpler. (Whoever pushed that theory never put wallpaper behind a toilet or around detailed moldings.)

There are various types of non-woven substrates. I like the thinner ones OK. This particular one is thick and spongy. It’s hard to push into detailed areas or corners, making trimming difficult and imprecise. And the littlest movement or force can cause it to crease or become mashed. The crease in the photo happened when I simply picked up a strip of paper and the top half flopped forward. It’s likely that this crease will not be noticeable once the paper is up on the wall and dry. But, still, it might show.

Many of the thick, stiff non-wovens have visible seams. This one was thick, but it was soft, and I was really pleased with the seams – positively invisible.

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