Probably No One Would Notice This But Me …

Digital Image

Digital Image

This was one of those six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other situations. The walls in this newish Montrose townhome had no real texture; just the little bit left by the painter’s roller. The wallpaper was thin, and had a lot of plain white areas, where the texture would show (telegraph) through. On the other hand, there wasn’t much texture to see, and it certainly was not really offensive.

If I were to smooth the wall by floating and sanding, it would add an extra day- and an extra day’s cost, plus dust from sanding. And you would still have a little texture, because I would be rolling on my primer, and the roller does leave a wee imprint behind it.

The homeowner went with my suggestion, to put the wallpaper up over the walls as they were, without smoothing. It turned out great.

The point of the photo, though, is to show just what a difference in texture looks like under wallpaper. On the right, inside the rectangular shape, is the paper applied over the painted wall, (which had also been coated with my favorite pigmented wallpaper primer, Roman’s Ultra Prime Pro 977.)

In contrast, on the left, inside the oval shape, you can see that the sub surface is smooth. How did that happen? This is where a towel bar had been hanging. When it was removed, a hole from the mounting hardware was left. I filled in the hole with joint compound, sanded smooth, and wiped on a sealer called Gardz. Because Gardz penetrates the surface, rather than sit on top of it, no brush or roller imprints are left behind.

Now, I do have to admit – hardly anybody would ever notice that. Except me. 🙂

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